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iPod to Computer Transfer

I’d like to introduce a new software, which is used for iPod.
iPodRobot iPod to Computer Transfer can do what iTunes can not do.
Let’s go through the features of it.
* Protect your iPod against unwanted iTunes synchronizations.
It is helpful. Sometimes you don’t want to do synchronize, but it start automatically.
* Easily get all the music, videos, and photos off your iPod and transfer them to your computer folder or iTunes.
I treat it as a kind of backup. Good for recovery from disaster.
* Easily transfer your playlist with its folder structure back to iTunes, and rebuild your iTunes library.
When reinstall the iTunes with new box, it is a handy tool.
* All song ratings, comments, play counts, the songs’ order, and even volume adjustments will be preserved.
Look, I call it backup or snapshot for your iTune.
* Keep your output folder organized.
Good to hear that.
* Auto-reject duplicate files when importing music into your iTunes library.
It is a very important feature to save time and disk space.
* Only read data from your iPod. It’s totally safe, and risk-free to try.
* Extremely easy to use, skinable user interface.
* Supports all iPod models, even the newest iPod Touch and the iPhone.
* Lifetime upgrades are free.
Lifetime, how long about the life? It must be longer than your iPod. 🙂
* No Adware/Spyware/Virus, guaranteed.

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