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Pick the friends from contact list

Google Reader can let users share the post with the friends. Actually, it is not the friends list. It shares to all the contacts you have. But, not all contacts are your friends. OK Google fix this bug now. User can pick the friends from the contact list. People that you add to the Friends

Bug on Google Reader

I use Google Reader every day. Look, the red 1, 2, and 3 all point that I have 7 new items. The 4 tells me: Your reading list has no unread items. I do have no new items in my list. Even I chose show all, and go through every item. I saw they are

Firefox 2.0 release now

I use Firefox more often than before. I download the Firefox 2.0 when I know the final version 2 is coming. I did not get the upgrade information from the version. In the official site, it is still old version to be download. I have this link to download it from the Open Source