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GDI++ is not good enough

The font of Windows always needs to be improved. Say I have ClearType on Windows XP. It is good and looks clear and sharp.
I found GDI++ last month, and I tried it on XP.
The font in IE and some native windows programs are better. But it is bad when I run some program made by other company.

How to increase font size in EnhancedEntryEditing entry body box

I have a MovableType installation with EnhancedEntryEditing (EEE) plugin on another server.
It is good to use when I need to copy and paste a formated Microsoft Word paragraph into MT post and keep the same format.
The only think I don’t like is the font size is too small when I switch to WYSIWYG screen.

Look the left one is the original EEE’s editing box, the default font size is too small, compared with the middle regular font size.
I’d like to hack it and increase the font size to as same as the regular one.
It is very easy to hack it. If you know where is the file to change, it takes you only 1 minute.
OK, let me tell the security.

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OpenType fonts

OpenType® is a new cross-platform font file format developed jointly by Adobe and Microsoft. Adobe now offers hundreds of fonts in the OpenType format.
The two main benefits of the OpenType format are its cross-platform compatibility (the same font file works on Macintosh and Windows computers), and its ability to support widely expanded character sets and layout features, which provide richer linguistic support and advanced typographic control.
One cross-platform font file
Any OpenType font uses a single font file for all of its outline, metric, and bitmap data, making file management simpler. In addition, the same font file works on Macintosh and Windows computers. As a result, OpenType lets you move font files back and forth between platforms with noticeable improvement in cross-platform portability for any documents that use type.

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