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Get RESP for your kids

RESP is Registered Education Savings Plans. It is best saving plan for your kids.
Parents buy RESP for their kids. They can put money every year until the kid is 17.
Canada government will give some grants.
Here is an example.
1) One kid born in 2011.
2) His parent opens the RESP account for him when 6 month old.
3) Deposit $2000 into this account.
4) Government will give following grants to him

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Education Unrest at Hong Kong

Reading the newspaper, 24hours.
There are small paragraph about Education unrest at Hong Kong.
Thousands of protesters surrounded Hong Kong’s government headquarters on Monday over a plan to introduce a pro-China school curriculum that they describe as an attempt to branwash students.
Chanting “No to brain washing education. Withdraw national education,” some 8000 people denounced a Hong Kong government-funded booklet entitled The China Model they say glorifies China’s single Communist party rule while glossing over more brutal aspects of its rule and political controversies.
One hunger striker was taken away on a stretcher on the third straight day of protests after fasting for more than 40 hours.
Check twitter, there are updated information.

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