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How to Edit PDF Files with Movavi PDF Editor

Finding a reliable PDF editor is often a lot more difficult than most people realize as there
aren’t that many options out there. Most of the online or free editors that are available
have lots of limitations, and the more professional editors come with a hefty price tag.

That is why if you want a quick and hassle-free way to make changes to PDF documents, you
should try Movavi PDF Editor. It is a simple and user-friendly PDF text editor that will let you
effectively manage your PDF documents and make alterations to them.

Opening PDF Documents or Images

The interface of Movavi PDF Editor is tabbed and somewhat resembles a browser, and when
you launch it you’ll be in a new tab. To open a PDF document or image all you need to do is
click on the ‘Open File’ button and select it, or drag and drop the file into the frame as

If you want to merge two or more PDF documents and open them for editing you can click
on the ‘Merge Files’ button instead. Once you do you can click on the ‘Select Files’ button to
add the PDF documents that you want to merge then drag them around so that they are in
the right order and click ‘Merge’.

Editing PDF Documents

After you’ve opened up a PDF document in Movavi PDF Editor you can take advantage of its
features to edit it in a number of different ways. The tools that it has available will enable
you to:

  • Add, delete or rearrange the order of pages within a PDF document.
  • Copy and paste pages to duplicate existing pages or move them from one PDF
    document to another.
  • Rotate pages individually or by selecting several to rotate at once.
  • Insert JPG or PNG images into PDF documents and adjust their size or position.
  • Extract specific pages from PDF documents to save as a separate PDF file.
  • Save PDF pages as JPG or PNG images, or vice versa.

Overall the features in Movavi PDF Editor should be able to cater to most of your needs due
to how versatile they are. In particular you will be able to append additional pages to PDFs,
split and extract content from PDF documents, add signatures or stamps, or even compile
your own PDF documents consisting of documents exported from Word, Excel, AutoCAD or
other software as PDF files.

Due to its user-friendly approach, it won’t take you long to familiarize yourself with the
features in Movavi PDF Editor and figure out how each one of them works. In most cases it
will just take a click or two for you to make the alterations that you need to your

Suffice to say Movavi PDF Editor will make it easy to edit PDF files, and now that you know
how it works you should give it a try and take its features for a spin so that you can see what
they’re capable of.

How to remove background noise from audio and video

Many times people shoot videos or record any audio and you shot a perfect video or any audio, everything exactly as planned whether you are making a family video, street interview, etc they all will have background annoying noise like wind, birds chirping, traffic noise, random noise, etc. which destroys the entire video.

Whether its minor noise or major noise that destroys the video, you want to remove it from the video. Now the question arises that how to remove that background noise? So you start finding it out on internet and you get so many ways, that you get confused what to do.

I can make it easy for you. First you should know that there are two types of noise i.e. first is a noise that is constant, clear and predictable and of a particular thing. And second is a noise mixture of various things like wind, traffic, birds chirping, people talking, etc. First noise is also called White noise. It is easy to remove and other is little harder to remove, but can be removed.

So to remove such kind of noise there are various options called as software available in the market. And the best option is Movavi Video Editor. It is the best among all software available in the market. It can help to remove background noise from video without any hassle.

For that easiness of removing background noise without disturbing the original audio of the recorded video, you need to download the software i.e. Movavi Video Editor. To download and remove the background noise just follow the below mentioned steps:

Install the Movavi Video Editor

Firstly you have to download and install the Movavi Video Editor. Then launch it and follow the instruction given in the program.

Upload media files

After uploading and launching the software you need to add video files to the editing area of the program. For adding files, you need to click on ADD MEDIA FILES button and select the file which you want to edit. The video will be added to video track and audio will be added to audio track in the timeline automatically.

Remove background noise

So after adding the video to the program, you need to access the audio denoise function so for that just double click on the file in the timeline and then select AUDIO in the TOOLS menu, then click on NOISE REMOVAL button. Then you have to adjust the NOISE SUPPRESSION SLIDER to remove that amount of noise and then click on Apply button, so that the software can remove the noise. You must try different values in suppression slider so that you get the best result.

Export the result

Now after removing the background noise and fixing everything, you have to save the fixed up file. For saving the file you have to click on EXPORT button and choose the format from – MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, etc. in which you want to save. So when you are ready to save just click on START button.


So now removing background noise is not a headache anymore for any person, just download the Movavi Video Editor and enjoy your video without any annoying noise.

Add Advanced BBcode Box 3 for phpBB 3

I have a forum powered by phpBB3.0.7 PL1. It works great. Even I added so many mods and some my customized changes on it, it still has room to improve.

Last week, it took me about two hours to add Advanced BBcode Box 3.
You can find it and download it here.

After installation, the edit box looks like following:


Let me describe the steps I took to add it.

1) Backup, backup, backup.
The most important things before doing any major changes is BACKUP.
Backup all files under phpbb by command tar.
Backup mysql database, though command mysqldump. It is about 1GB big.

2) Ftp the backup file to other place for safe.

3) Download Advanced BBcode Box 3 package from the link above.

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How to increase font size in EnhancedEntryEditing entry body box

I have a MovableType installation with EnhancedEntryEditing (EEE) plugin on another server.
It is good to use when I need to copy and paste a formated Microsoft Word paragraph into MT post and keep the same format.
The only think I don’t like is the font size is too small when I switch to WYSIWYG screen.

Look the left one is the original EEE’s editing box, the default font size is too small, compared with the middle regular font size.
I’d like to hack it and increase the font size to as same as the regular one.
It is very easy to hack it. If you know where is the file to change, it takes you only 1 minute.
OK, let me tell the security.

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Being an ODP (DMOZ) editor

Do you hear ODP before?
The Open Directory Project (ODP) is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.
Open Directory Project at
After about three months waiting and over 4 times applying, I am an editor now.
The category I am related is Computers: Programming: Internet: ASP: Applications: Calendars
If you have any ASP scripts and applications which relate to the creation and manipulation of Calendars, free or commercial, just submit it.

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