You may already know that my Blog is using Amazon CloudFront for images, CSS, js files. It can speed up my Blog.
But the problem is Amazon does not provide a handy tool. So I doing search and find one of the best programs.
CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3.
It works like a simple FTP client tool.

Advanced features:
* Encryption – make sure the data is always protected and only you can view it
* Compression – speed up copy process and save on storage and transfer cost.
* Chunking – break large files into smaller ones to speed up the process and make transfer more reliable.
* FTP support – copy files directly from FTP server to S3 bucket.
* Cache-control header support – save even more on transfer costs.
* GZip – yet another way to save on transfer costs.
* Custom http headers support
* Multi-threading – speed up the transfer of multiple small files

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