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BC Driver’s Licence and Services Card

My old driver’s licence is broken, because of too many cards in my wallet.

So, I went to ICBC office, and tried to get a replacement. The staff told me if I want, I can replace it with my MSP card and get a new card, which is combin two cards in one. Of couse, I accept this offer, since the fee is same. It is $17.

I took the photo, and got a piece of paper, or temporar driver licence. The new card was mailed in two weeks.

All existing BC MSP health care card will be replaced by BC Services Card by 2018 at a driver licensing office. You can do it early, when you renew or replace your current driver licence.

How it looks like:


You can also wait for the letter of renew from ICBC.

What if I don’t apply?

CareCards and Gold CareCards can continue to be used to access health services until 2018. After 2018, failure to renew enrolment in MSP may result in cancellation of MSP coverage. This means you might have to pay for medical services like a visit to your doctor. In emergency situations, no one will be denied essential medical services.

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