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Why CBSA open the mail?

I got a small parcel last week. The seal is open and sealed again by CBSA yellow tape. Printed OPENED BY CBSA.


What is CBSA? Why they open the mail?

I bring these two questions to Google. The answer as below:

CBSA is Canada Border Services Agency

It is a Canada government agency. The official site link

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Day 7- Two Week Campaign

It is the last day of first week. Day 7.
I reviewed the latest fifty posts and make addition or modification on some posts.
The main target of it is to make the first paragraph has more valuable content. It is a tough work, time consuming work. But it worth.
The second purpose of it is to make the first paragraph longer enough. Then the Google Ads shown beside will not cover pictures or not big blank space.
I am also add shadow and border line on pictures inside of the post. A lot of pictures are white background. When the margin is not that bigger, the pictures and text content are not clearly separated. Now 10px shadow and 1px border are added. The format is looks better.

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