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BlogRush is shutting down

I received the email from BlogRush. The heading is BlogRush is Shutting Down.
You may read my previous post BlogRush – It is a cool stuff to improve your traffic, when I first try the service on September 21, 2007. Or, BlogRush launches phase-2 on October 31, 2007.
Almost one year. It is closed.
I think it is the winter for IT and all other business. Some one will change, some one will give up, or some one will keep going on. Only the people survived will win.

BlogRush – It is a cool stuff to improve your traffic

Update: BlogRush is shutdown in 2009
I just sign up the new online traffic booster facility, BlogRush.
It is very simply to apply BlogRush, Just click the link above, enter your email, your blog’s address, feed address, and choose your category. That’s all.
Now you have an account and copy the code of account and paste it into your blog. Done.
Let me introduce how benefit you will have if your sign up the BlogRush.

Each time the widget displays you earn a ‘credit’ which means that a recent headline from your own blog will be displayed on someone else’s blog. If your blog gets 100 page views a day your headline will be displayed 100 times on other people’s blogs.
Sounds good. It is fair to you display once and the other blog display once for you.
Not only that, more traffic you will have. They have a referral system so that if another blogger signs up to Blog Rush after clicking through to it from your widget you’ll get credits each time that the referral blog shows the widget. The referral system goes 10 tiers deep – so you can potentially get ALOT of credits.
Ten levels. Unbelievable. And It is Free.
And also there is some features I really like.

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