I alway want to have a US Bank account for some reasons. Do you want it?
As a Canadian, I can visit US any time without Visa.
Let me tell you the reason why Canadian needs a US Bank account.

I do buy some stuff from eBay. More and more seller just sell item to US or ship to US address only. The most big issue is they just accept the payment in confirmed address. That means I have a Canadian Paypal account. I can not buy anything as a gift to US address. You may ask why not buy it from a Canadian seller. The answer is less Canadian seller on eBay.
If I have a US Credit Card with US billing address, I can link it to my new US Paypal account and make it as confirmed address. Then I can buy or sell in USA.

And also some online merchants, such as Amazon, has two sites. One for US customers, one for Canadian customers. If I use a user account in amazon.com, I can make an order and ask them ship it to Canada. It accepts Canadian credit card and will ship the orders to US address. If I want some books, I have to use amazon.ca site. You know, the price on these two site are different. The international shipment may tax related.

And some online merchants, do not accept Canadian credit card.

That make me think about to have a US credit card and a cheque account.

The following is the real-time chatting between CSR of Bank of America and me.

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