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Free Canadian personal income tax preparation software

I used Free Tax Software last year. Filed my tax return only through this software.
I recommend it again this year.
It is NETFILE certified already for 2008 Tax.
I downloaded it and installed on my desktop. Because I have the 2007 tax return file with Studiotax. I just import 2007 file into it and no need to re-enter the personal information.
Just double check the information and enter my 2008 data.
Now I am waiting my T4 from the company and T5 from bank, HSBC.

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2008 Traffic Report

I posted 203 posts in 2008 here. It is not many but still OK compared with the average blogger posts.
Let’s look at the traffic of 2008.
You can find the traffic is very stably. This is a standard Blog traffic report. Most visitors are new visitors. Bounce rate is higher than the regular website. Average time per visit is over 1 minute. They left my blog after finish reading one post or two.


The second screen shot can tell more about the traffic source.
87% visitors are referred by Search Engines.
About 5% are regular readers of David Yin’s Blog. They like my blog. You may be one of this 5%.
Most of my blog visitors are from USA. Some from Canada. Other countries are very few.

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Canada Votes 2008

I will vote this afternoon for Canada.
It is Burnaby – Douglas. Let me see the riding profile.

This is an urban riding, located east of Vancouver on the southern shore of Burrard Inlet. It contains that part of Burnaby bounded in the east, north and west by the city limits and on the south by the Kingsway.
According to the 2006 census, more than 47 per cent of this riding’s residents are immigrants. About 30 per cent are of Chinese origin.
Burnaby-Douglas has a diverse economy, which includes retail trade, manufacturing and other services. Simon Fraser University is here. Residents are well-educated – almost 30 per cent over age 25 have a university certificate or degree. The average family income is $78,973 and the unemployment rate is 6.7 per cent.
This riding was created in 1996, drawing three-quarters of its population from the old Burnaby-Kingsway riding. In 2004, it retained 85 per cent of its population and added about 7,500 people from Vancouver South-Burnaby.
Population: 112,119 (2006 census; an increase of 3.0% since 2001)

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Redesign the Blog

In the new year of 2008, I am trying to redesign the blog.
The default template from Six Apart is looks boring.
Now I have not finish my design yet. If you have some idea, just leave your comment below.
Or, if you want to see something on my Blog, do not hesitate to comment it.
I have some big plan in 2008.
David Yin’s blog has following stats last month, December 2007.
9,665 UV and 14,358 PV.
I hope it can reach 90,000 UV per month in the end of 2008.
Is it too crazy? I don’t think so.
More and more traffic will be attracted from Search Engine and other related sites.

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