I have three usb flash drives as below: Look at the outline of these three flash drives. Lexar is esay to be lost. The ring is connected to the cap. The other two drives’ lanyards link to drive body. Compared with the dimensions: Sandisk cruzer micro is smallest. If youContinue Reading

D-Link 1402s is not a router only. It is a four ports router and 2 ports VOIP adapter. The price is dropped down from about $90 to $59.95 on sipphone. Some sites still tag it at $88.95. Please be noted the D-Link 1402s is not a locked equipment. It isContinue Reading

I bought a brand new laser printer, Samsung ML-2010 yesterday at Staples. I paid $148.10, which is regular price $199.92 minus instant rebate $70.00, plus 14% tax. This printer has another mail-in rebate $30.00. Staples provides an Easy rebates, which is an online rebate. Really easy and quick. I don’tContinue Reading

I have a Lexmark E210 black-white laser printer, which I bought in December 2001. It works well. This week I go to some computer store to find the toner because of the text is fade on the paper. The result is telling me to get a new printer instead ofContinue Reading

You need to look for certain essential features when shopping for a new digital camerawhether you’re retiring your old film camera or upgrading your outdated 2-megapixel shooter. Here are the vital specs you need to know, plus a few great models to consider. RESOLUTION Measured in megapixels, resolution refers toContinue Reading

After reading the ConsumerReport March issue, i know some difference between the following HDTV. LCD FLAT-PANEL HDTV If you want a thin, light set with a small or midsized screen. Common screen size: 23 to 45 inches. Typical prices: $1,000 to $1,500 for a 26-inch widescreen HD-ready set; $1,200 toContinue Reading

Yesterday, I restart my computer. The closing tasks always ask me to force close the programs. I did not want to wait any more and decided to use the power button. The result is the following blue screen when I start it again. Today, I have to fix it firstContinue Reading

Let me introduce this VOIP adapter, which cost me CND88.75 including TAX. I bought it from Voxilla. Its store is located in downtown Vancouver. I pick up it there. It is so compact. When I first look at it, I think it may be cost me too much. After usingContinue Reading

I bought a LCD monitor, Acer 1716B, last week. The following is its specifications: Display Panel: 17″ color active matrix LCD (TFT) Resolution: 1280 x 1024 Native Contrast Ratio: 700:1 Brightness (Typical): 300 cd/m2 Viewing Angle (H/V): 150/135 Cabinet Color: Black Video Inputs: Analog RGB, DVI-D Environments: PC compatible Warranty:Continue Reading

I just bought a Maxtor SATA hard drive from Staples. It is $80. including tax. This is 100GB Diamondmax 10 hard disk. The only thing I don’t like is it is only 1 year warranty. Open the box, there are a SATA interface cable, 4 mounting screws, a MaxBlast CD,Continue Reading