Here I like to share my thoughts on SPC Flooring. And Why I chose it.

  • SPC: High durability, water-proof, excellent for high-traffic areas, dent-resistant
  • Laminate: Versatile designs, reacts to heat and cold, requires waterproofing for high-moisture areas

The SPC plant looks similar to the Laminate plank. SPC is also called Regid Vinyl plank.

Comparison of Durability and Resistance

SPC flooring is highly durable and resistant thanks to its multiple layers, including an ultraviolet coating, a wear layer, an SPC print layer, a core, and a balanced layer. This construction makes it resistant to dents and UV, ensuring it won’t fade easily. It’s also water-resistant, making it a solid choice for high-traffic areas and rooms with high moisture levels.

On the other hand, laminate flooring, typically made from wood composite, pulp, and paper layers, is sensitive to heat and cold, which can cause changes. However, it’s possible to get waterproof laminate to withstand high-moisture areas.


Comparison of Installation and Maintenance

All three types of flooring are relatively easy to install and maintain. SPC and LVT flooring, for instance, use a floating click lock, tongue, and groove system that is DIY-friendly. On the other hand, laminate flooring can be installed professionally for the best results.

In terms of maintenance, all three types of floors are easy to clean and do not require professional cleaning treatments. However, it’s crucial to check your warranty to ensure you use the right materials and methods.

Maybe, for myself, SPC is more easy to cut and install.

Comparison of Cost and Value for Money

Laminate Flooring

The price of cheap and low-quality laminate flooring can be as low as $1 per square foot. However high-end laminate flooring can be up to $5 per square foot or more. Medium-range laminate flooring will normally cost around $3 per square foot.
Even though laminate flooring is cheaper per square foot, here’s the kicker… Laminate flooring is actually more difficult to maintain compared to SPC flooring.

SPC Flooring

Again, depending on the type of SPC flooring you desire, traditional SPC flooring like sheet SPC can cost as low as $0.50 per foot square. On average, medium-ranged SPC flooring is about $2.50 per square foot.
When it comes to top-end SPC floorings like luxury SPC plank (LVP) or luxury SPC tile (LVT), prices can be a lot higher ranging from $5 to $8 per square foot.

The one I bought for my basement is $2.7/sqft (regular price) at Costco.  I got $2.11/sqft with a discount.

Core Material

Both SPC and Laminate flooring consist of 4 layers which are the backing layer, core, printed design layer, and the top with wear layer. The differences are the material used for each layer, especially the core material.

The core material of the SPC plank is the SPC Composite Core.

The core material of Laminate plank is fiberboard, it can be MDF or HDF.


The main difference is the thickness of them. SPC is 6mm or 7mm normally. The laminate can be 15mm. Both include a 1.5mm to 2mm foam backer.


When choosing laminate flooring, you need to think about the harmful odors (formaldehyde) emitted from the core, or MDF, HDF. The standard is CARB2, TSCA, E1 etc.

USA, Canada Standard: CARB Phase 2 Compliant, TSCA Compliant,

Europe Standard: E1 Certificate, Mandatory E1 Standard.

No matter how good the laminate products are, there is still some formaldehyde inside of the cord material.

Laminate floor


SPC plank has no this kind of worry.

My Consideration.

It is installed in the basement. I don’t need to worry about the noise.

I have to install it by myself. It should be good for DIY.

It should be waterproof. It can be installed directly over concrete,

There is a bedroom. So it is best formaldehyde-free.

So I decided to buy SPC flooring.

I checked Home Depot, Rona, Costco, etc. Costco has very limited options but has the best price. Especially when it is at a discount.



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