The words from Matthew 19:6. I put it on the back of iPad mini, which I ordered on Nov. 10, 2012.
The FedEx guy delivered it on our front door. My wife got it before her B day.
I like the words. We married in 1997. It is over fifteen years. We have three kids now. We are no longer two, but one flesh, since 1997.
Nothing can separate us.

I paid the regular price plus recycle fee and tax. Total is $369.82.
Full description of this iPad mini is:
Personalized iPad mini with Wi-Fi 16GB – Black & Slate plus FREE Engraving
Only when ordering it from the online store of Apple, you will get the free engraving. Otherwise, just walk in the apple store in any one shopping mall. You can get one same day without waiting the engraving and shipping. Based on the record of FedEx, it is from SHENZHEN CN. It means from the factory in China. Then it is sent to Hongkong, through USA, to Canada.

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