Melanoma escalates

The topic is from Canadian Health & Lifestyle, summer edition.
Based on the Dr. Marla, the most worrisome of all skin cancers, melanoma has escalated an one in 7 people risk a non-melanoma skin cancer during their lifetime. According to recent statistics, the 7th most common cancer in Canada will account for 5,600 new cases of melanoma this year, impacting 3,100 men and 2,500 women.
It is clear, males are higher risk than females.But the recent numbers show that young women has double speed increase of melanoma than young men. The one of the biggest culprits for it is a lot of women using indoor tanning beds when they are 20s and 30s.

People who frequently use indoor tanning beds are 74% more likely to develop melanoma.

UVA, UVB refer to Wikipedia.
Protect your skin when you go outside with sunscreen. Especially during 10am to 3mp.

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