I read the article about 10 thinkgs you should know now about SAAS. I think it is ten issues about SAAS. Let me make a digest.
1. SAAS standings
SAAS is not the top technology.
2. What price outages?
It is not bullet proof.
3. Development Target
More and more developer want to use SAAS model.
4. Cost-Effectiveness
It is not clear for long term.
5. Portability & Security
These two points is most important.
6. Law enforcement
The data protect from law?

7. Gape up for resale
It is time to do resale of SAAS service. Just like Google Apps provide resale program.
8. Vendor viability
The vendor should has longer life than you. Otherwise you date will be in dangerous situation.
9. Application Viability
Sometime vendor will shut down part of product. It is also very dangerous.
10. E-mail scale
It is based on the scale of your company.

David Yin

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