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Day 1 – Two Week Campaign

It is the first day of my Two Week Campaign. It is very important to start everything correct in the beginning.

Day 1

I did following changes on Yinfor Site, including David Yin’s Blog.

The changes I made is based on the following concept.

Audience always likes faster web site. Audience always likes web site shown without errors.

First of all, my small job is to make my web page loading faster.

1) Combine CSS files and do not use @import to include other css file

2) Optimize Images on homepage. Got 5% reduction on image size.

3) Minify javascript file, mt.js, it cut 15KB.

4) Minify CSS file, it cut 9KB

5) Leverage browser caching of static assets. Such as jpg, png, gif files. I make them expired in 60 days.

The overall effects are: less connections, smaller files.

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Top 10 Reasons to Convert to XHTML

There are 10 reasons to convert HTML to XHTML
XHTML is the current markup standart, replacing HTML4.
XHTML is designed to work well with other XML-based markup languages, applications, and protocols – an advantage that HTML lacks.
XHTML is more consistent than HTML, so it’s less likely to cause problems of function and display.
XHTML 1.0 is a bridge to future versions of XHTML. Should the XHTML 2 draft specification achieve final recommendation stats, it will be easier to adapt to it from XHTML 1.0 than from HTML.
Old browsers are as comfortable with XHTML as they are with HTML. There’s no advantage to XHTML in this regard, but, hey, there’s no disadvantage either.

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