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RIP MovableType Personal

From SixApart official site, or, there has no link for personal license, which is free for blogger. Now It is time say Goodbye MovableType as a personal blogger. As a senior user of MovableType, I am very sad about the decision 6A made. They do not support free version any more. No OpenSource version either.

I am thinking about other blog platform, or blogging software.

There are certain features I am looking for.

  • Import posts from MovableType
  • Keep same URL structure
  • HTML 5 compatiable
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Support social media plugins
  • Support comments system

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Sixapart’s site error

There is a bug in the Sixapart’s site, under plugin part.
I sent a notice to them two days ago. When I checked it now, the bug is still there.
What’s wrong with their site?
Going to the Plugins Directory of Sixapart. The form Plugin Search is used to search plugin you need.
If you enter some name like “spam”, the results are good for you. It returns SpamLookup, quasi-spamfilter, etc. You can choose one from them.
The problem is when you enter “meta”, it gives you an error screen.
It said:

An error occurred:
Can’t call method “id” on an undefined value at /var/www/vhosts/ line 2563.

The screen shots shown as below:

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