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Amazon S3 prices reduced

It is a good news for Amazon S3 users. Amazon S3 standard storage prices in all regions are reduced. Be noticed, Storage price. Old    New First 1TB   $0.140 $0.125 Next 49TB  $0.125 $0.110 Next 450TB $0.110 $0.095 Next 500TB $0.095 $0.090 Next 4000TB $0.080 $0.080 (no change) Over 5000TB $0.055 $0.055 (no change)

AWS Data Transfer Pricing reduced

It is a good news. Amazon just announce this big pricing change. Users can save up to 43%. Even like my small blog site, still can get benefit of it. I highlight it below. Inbound AWS Data Transfer price for all regions (through June 30, 2011) $0.100 per GB – data transfer in Outbound data

Amazon S3 has Multipart Upload

Just got the email from Amazon. It announced Multipart Upload for S3 storage. We are excited to announce Multipart Upload which enables faster, more flexible uploads into Amazon S3. Multipart Upload allows you to upload a single object as a set of parts. Each part is a contiguous portion of the objects data. You can

Amazon S3 Reduces Storage Pricing

It is a great news that Amazon reduce its S3 price. These prices apply to Amazon S3 Standard storage in the US-Standard, EU-West, and AP-East regions. Old    New First 1TB   $0.150 $0.140 Next 49TB  $0.150 $0.125 Next 50TB  $0.140 $0.110 Next 400TB $0.130 $0.110 Next 500TB $0.105 $0.095 Next 4000TB $0.080 $0.080 (no