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MovableType 4.38 is a good choice for Blog only

I am using MovableType for a long time. Oh, almost 10 years.
From 2.64 to v3, v4 and now v5 here. But v4 is the last blog only platform. v5 is good for site, including blog.
It looks like coming v6 will have a big change.
I have a site, which just need a blog as a news system. First I am thinking use the latest MovableType 5.2.7. Due to the complicated site structure, I am afraid it may overwrite some files of existing site. I decide to use the last v4, MovableType 4.38.

I saw the very familiar interface of MovableType. I love it.

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Got your Steam account to play the game on any computer

I tried Steam game platform during last week.
It is great. I can treat it as cloud game platform.
1) Has one account of Steam.
2) Download and Install Steam on One of my computer.
3) Purchase game from the steam platform with discount.
4) Download the game and install it.
5) Steam will auto download patches or updates of the game.
I have 3 computers. One desktop in office; One Laptop at home; One desktop at home.
I can download Steam and install it on these three PCs. The game I bought can download and install on these three too. I can play the game on any PC with my game records. Transfer smoothly.


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