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Piwik upgrade to 2.14.3 from 2.14.0

Upgrade my installation of Piwik from 2.14.0 mto 2.14.3 directly.

These are all minor release. Fixing bugs, adding small improvements.


Piwik has self-hosted program and cloud program. If you want, you can download the self-host program and install it on your own server, all free. Or, you can pay to get the cloud program, it is actually a paid service by your traffic.



Upgrade Piwik to v2.14.0

Piwik announce the new release of its Analytics software to latest 2.14.0.

It is a major release. and This release is rated critical.

There are more than 130 tickets closed and a lot of changes or improvement on it.

In this release we have focused on improving the usability and design of Piwik. Several screens were redesigned, including the installation, administration screens and forms, data tables and buttons, the websites manager, the visitor log, and more. Performance has been slightly improved and you can now install Piwik with HHVM and TokuDB (useful for high traffic Piwik services). In terms of quality, we have made many improvements to our automated test suites.


Look at the details of the release notes of Piwik 2.14.0.


Upgrade Piwik to 2.11.0

One of my site uses Piwik for site analytics. Now, it is upgraded to Piwik 2.11.0.

Here is the release note about it.

Breaking changes:

  • The event User.getLanguage has been removed.
  • The following deprecated event has been removed: TaskScheduler.getScheduledTasks
  • Special handling for operating system Windows has been removed. Like other operating systems all versions will now only be reported as Windows with versions like XP, 7, 8, etc.
  • Reporting for operating systems has been adjusted to report information according to browser information. Visitor details now contain: operatingSystemName, operatingSystemIcon, operatingSystemCode and operatingSystemVersion

There are no big changes.


Piwik Web Analytics upgrade to 1.7.1

Just noticed that I have a Piwik installation to track one of my niche sites,
It is showing that Piwik 1.7.1 is here, go to upgrade.
OK, even I can not find the current version, I still go to Piwik official site to download the latest one.
The upgrade procedure is simple. Download, Unzip, Copy/Overwrite, Upgrade page.
Yes, when the upgrade page shows, I know the existing one is v1.5.1.
Let me record the major changes or updates from 1.5.1 to 1.7.1.

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