Upgrade my installation of Piwik from 2.14.0 mto 2.14.3 directly. http://piwik.org/changelog/piwik-2-14-3/ http://piwik.org/changelog/piwik-2-14-2/ http://piwik.org/changelog/piwik-2-14-1/ These are all minor release. Fixing bugs, adding small improvements.   Piwik has self-hosted program and cloud program. If you want, you can download the self-host program and install it on your own server, all free. Or,Continue Reading

One of my site uses Piwik for site analytics. Now, it is upgraded to Piwik 2.11.0. Here is the release note about it. Breaking changes: The event User.getLanguage has been removed. The following deprecated event has been removed: TaskScheduler.getScheduledTasks Special handling for operating system Windows has been removed. Like otherContinue Reading