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The Rules of Parenting

It is a book I bought almost one year ago.
There are 100 rules for parents. Now I am reading rule 19, See things from their point of view.

Some rules I already knew before I am being a dad. But even I am 11 years old daughter and 7 years old daughter’s father, plus a eight month old son’s father, there are still some rules I don’t know.
Things change very fast. They are growing fast too. I have to follow they steps and grow with them.

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Regulate Kids with computer

There is a poll, which tells that 87% of U.S. teens (ages 12 to 17) use the Internet. They go online at a high rate to play games (81%) and use instant messaging (75%).
The rate of teens in other countries are almost the same. How can we, as parents, to help our kids to use the computer or the Internet properly?
Here are three tips.
1) During the school year, no online time or games until homework is completed, unless online research is required.
2) Regardless of the time of year, set a limit on the amount of time your teen can spend online or playing games each day or each week.

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