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PostTwiOAuth upgrade to v0.21

I have installed PostTwiOAuth v0.11 almost one month ago.
Now, I saw the v0.21 released. So I upgrade my installation.
It is a plugin use Twitter OAuth to send notification to your Twitter timeline. The first Auth, or Basic Auth of Twitter will be retired soon. And also OAuth is safer.
Let me show you how to install it.
0) MovableType 5.0
1) Download the plugin from the official site here.
2) Decompress the zip file and upload the whole folder PostTwiOauth to the mt\plugins\
3) Login your MT backend
Tools > Plugins >
Click PostTwiOAuth 0.21, Register an application
Filling following information on Twitter application form
Application Name:
Application Website:
 URL of the site to download this program
Application Type :
Callback URL:
Use the callback URL provided
Default Access type:
 Read & Write
Use Twitter for login:
After submit, you get Consumer key and Consumer Secret strings.
Enter them into settings of MT, and click Save Changes.
4) Click Settings again, click Go to Twitter
/mt5cgi/plugins/PostTwiOauth/oauth.cgi/1 to get Access Token and Access Secret.
Enter them into settings of MT.

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