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An powerful tools for Site promotion

As we know, if you want your own blog or site to be known by more people, you need a more links from other sites.
Here is a very powerful tools. I call it Generation 2 site directory.
After 2 months site marketing by my SEO Service, this site get more traffice from search engine.
To submit your site or blog on G2links directory, you have three options.
1) Featured links $5.99 (48 hour review) ~ Permanent ~
You pay $5.99 for a permanent link if your site is approved by editor. Remember, you link is a featured links. It is highlighted and keep on top of the head of specific category.
2) Regular links $1.99 (72 hour review) ~ Permanent ~
If you choose this one, you get an regular link which is listed behind the featured links. It costed you $1.99.
3) Regular links with reciprocal free
It is free. Nothing better than free. If you have a personal blog, just provide a reciprocal link to get a link back. It is a win win situation.
You may find David Yin’s Blog is listed as a featured link under category : blog.

How to exchange the Blog link

I am noticed that a guy left a comment on my blog. He asked to exchange the links with me to his blog, and gave me his site information.
I checked his blog. There is no link to me.
It looks so funny.
A person ask another one to swap links, but have not set the link in advance. How does he think?
Let me list the requirement of link exchange rule of my blog.

You want to exchange the link to me. So you should prepare your link to my Blog in your site before send your request. If I review your site and feel comfortable to link back to you, I will inform you. If I don’t, I will also let you know.

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