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Optimize JS in MovableType

Everyone knows my blog is powered by MovableType. Actually I start to blog from MovableType 3.11. There is a mt.js file in root of the blog. It is 20K after generating by MovableType 4.26. Then to make it smaller. I use Yuicompressor which is provided by Yahoo Developer Network. Then it is only 13K. And

Ajax toolkit comparison

Ajax is very useful in Web 2.0 world. What is Ajax? Ajax is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Now so many different Ajax toolkits online. Which one is better? Actually, if you doing some search on the web, you will find a lot of different results. Some one said the Prototype is best, another one said

How to protect your site from frame

I found some sites framed my Blog, and keep popping some bad windows. I do a google, and found this script works to prevent from it. Just copy the following code in to you pages. Now any site want to frame your page will automatically jump your site out. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JAVASCRIPT><!– if (top.location != self.location)top.location=self.location;