High Blood Pressure is a very common problem that can have serious health consequences if it isnot diagnosed and treated. I bought a Omron BP765Can blood pressure meter. The meter is used to check my blood pressure and track the blood pressure. My dad and grandpa had stroke history. And High Blood Pressure is #1 risk factor for stoke. It can also cause the heat to enlarge, increase hardening of the arteries, and lead to vision problems and kidney failure.


The cause of most cases of high blood pressure remains a mystery. Ina few people, it can be traced to some other illness or to using certain drugs(such as oral contraceptive, pain relievers, or cough and cold medicines), but in the vast majority of people the cause simply isn’t known.

What is know about  high blood pressures is that some people are naturally more prone to developing it. Some of the things that increase a person’s risk are age, race, gender, a family history of high blood pressure, and certain lifestyle factors. Some of these things we can do nothing about.

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