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What is exFAT

Saw a new type of disk format, exFAT. I am only knowing FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and some others for Linux operation system.

Today, when I try to format a microSD card, it has a new option, exFAT.


What is exFAT?


File size limit is now 16 exabytes.
Format size limits and files per directory limits are practically eliminated.
Like HPFS, exFAT uses free space bitmaps to reduce fragmentation and free space allocation/detection issues.
Like HTFS, permission systems should be able to be attached through an access control list (ACL). It is unclear if or when Vista will include this feature, however.

Interestingly enough, exFAT is not used and was not designed for formatting hard drives. It is only recommended in flash memory storage and other external devices only. This is why it is currently not considered a huge competitor to NTFS on hard drives.


For me, I know that flash drive capacity is getting bigger and bigger. And also the file size, I mean the video file size is also getting bigger and bigger.

FAT32 has a limitation of 4GB file size limit.

NTFS and exFAt can store a single file with 5Gb or evern more.

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How to open the file ending with djvu?

I download some files which extension name is djvu. I have no ideal how to open it or which program can read this kind of file.

Through Google, Wikipedia, some information retrived.

DjVu is a computer file format designed primarily to store scanned documents, especially those containing a combination of text, line drawings, indexed color images, and photographs.

Here is a site to contain helpful resources and links.

I downloaded the desktop program WinDjView and installed it on my Windows 7.


The file I open in it is a Chinese Ebook. The Characters are displayed correctly.

To download the WinDjView WinDjView-2.0.2-Setup.exe

Day 7- Two Week Campaign

It is the last day of first week. Day 7.
I reviewed the latest fifty posts and make addition or modification on some posts.
The main target of it is to make the first paragraph has more valuable content. It is a tough work, time consuming work. But it worth.
The second purpose of it is to make the first paragraph longer enough. Then the Google Ads shown beside will not cover pictures or not big blank space.
I am also add shadow and border line on pictures inside of the post. A lot of pictures are white background. When the margin is not that bigger, the pictures and text content are not clearly separated. Now 10px shadow and 1px border are added. The format is looks better.

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