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When phpBB 3.1 release

Right now, latest version of phpBB is 3.0.7 PL1. The features of the next version 3.1 freeze on July 20, 2010. So what is the exact date to release it.
The following are features or changes on phpBB 3.1
* Coding Guideline Modifications RFC Ticket
* Autoloading & Class Naming Convention RFC Ticket
* Removal of subsilver2 RFC Ticket
Patch in progress:
* Improved Page Titles RFC Ticket
* Avatar improvements, Gravatar RFC Ticket
* Improved template engine RFC Ticket
* SQLite 3.0+ Support RFC Ticket
* Updated BBcode engine RFC
* Request Class RFC Ticket
* Switch to PHP timezone handling RFC Ticket
* Modular Cron RFC Ticket
* General Hook Architecture RFC Ticket
* Resume support for attachments / HTTP range support RFC Ticket
* Soft Delete RFC Ticket
* Enhanced Team Page RFC Ticket
* Improve User Pruning feature RFC Ticket
* Rename MSNM to WLM RFC Ticket
* Link global announcements to forumsRFC Ticket
* Simple message API RFC Ticket
* Attachments Management RFC Ticket
* MOD Installer RFC Ticket
* Cleaning up the ACP UI RFC Ticket
* No db storage of themes and stylesheets RFC Ticket
RFC only:
* Migrations (UMIL) RFC Ticket Data Providers RFC
* Changing IP banning to use ‘longest prefix matching’ RFC Ticket
* Ability to delete auto login keys RFC Ticket
* Authentication Plugin Refactoring, User Integration & OpenID RFC Ticket
* Session Backend Abstraction (memcache support) RFC Ticket
* Search Backend Refactoring RFC Ticket
* Pre-Compile Template Includes RFC
* Overridable imageset and theme paths for CDNs RFC

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