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Features of Canon Powershot E1

There are many features I likes. Some are very helpful.
1) 4x optical zoom.
Most of other digital camera of this class has 3x only.
I don’t care digital zoom. It just waste pix.
2) Face select and track
Face select and track adjusts the flash to correctly illuminate your subject to provide the best balance between your subject and the overall scene, eliminating the common problems of over and underexposed faces.
3) Optical Image Stabilizer
It puts a non-stop life in sharp focus.
4) Mode selection
Auto mode is let camera take care all settings. User just focus on the subject.
Easy mode has less settings.
P Program mode
Access advanced exposure compensation features while shooting mostly automatically.
Portrait mode will make your subject more clear and background blur.
Indoor mode Reduce blur and improve color accuracy when shooting handheld indoors.
Kids & PetsReduced focusing time freezes fast-moving subjects, so you won’t miss those special shots.

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