I use VoipStunt as one of the important phone services. I make at least two international long distance phone calls per day.
I have a custimized dial plan. It is easy for my daughters, one 6, the other is 3 years old.
They can dial phone to their grand-parents by themselves.
It is very easy. Just dial two digits and phone rings.
Let’s see what I set.
In the dial plan field, which is under Admin>Advanced>Line 1. I use line 1 for Voipstunt service.


Look, 00xx. means all phone call must be followed by 00. For example, if I want to call San Francisco USA, I have to dial 0014152222222. 1 stands for USA country code, 4152222222 is the phone number of whom I want to call.
For another example, I want to call Shanghai China. His phone number is 66666666. I have to dial 00862166666666. 86 is country of China, 21 is area code of Shanghai.

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