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Install Crontab on CentOS 5.11

Now I have a old CentOS distribution installation on one of my VPS. It is CentOS 5.11.

I use Crontab for schedule jobs. When I install this VPS and try to config crontab, I can not find it in Webmin. crontab is installed.

After google it and finally found the answer.

I have to install vixie-cron package. So run following command as root.


1) Install vixie-cron

yum install vixie-cron

2)Start Crond service

service crond start

3) Make it auto start on boot

chkconfig crond on

At last, I refresh the modules in Webmin. The link of configuration shows:

How to install Crontab in CentOS 6.5 64bit

Linode default CentOS 6.5 64bit deployment does not include Crontab or Cron Job. Here is a reference for the people like me.

Install the package and dependencies

#yum install vixie-cron

Enable the package on boot and start

# /sbin/chkconfig crond on
# /etc/init.d/crond start

crontab command option:

crontab: usage error: unrecognized option
usage:  crontab [-u user] file
crontab [-u user] [ -e | -l | -r ]
(default operation is replace, per 1003.2)
-e      (edit user’s crontab)
-l      (list user’s crontab)
-r      (delete user’s crontab)
-i      (prompt before deleting user’s crontab)
-s      (selinux context)

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