A site that focuses on selling products usually has a support center that its clients go to whenever they have a problem or a concern about a product they bought. However, since it uses a contact form, it may take days or even a week before it gets answered. This comes as a great turn-off for people who want to get their problems solved ASAP and as a result, they may even have to reconsider buying a product from that site again. This problem can be easily solved by setting Chatwing on the site.


Chatwing is a live chat software intended for sites that are catering large volumes of traffic, but it works just as efficiently in other sites as well. Site owners can easily embed this chatting tool into their sites through simple procedures and the chatroom can hold a lot of people chatting inside it – it can occupy 7000 people at most.

Joining the chatroom is also hassle-free. Chatters can simply use their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo) to gain access to the chatroom. They can also use their Chatwing accounts or as sign in as Guests if they want to join anonymously. With the given options, clients won’t have to go through the hassle of registering an account to chat with the management.

Site owners are also able to modify the chatroom to give it a more personalized feeling or to fit with their site’s theme. This makes Chatwing much more noticeable for their clients or simply more appealing for them. But for whatever reasons, this nifty chatting tool simply looks better when it’s fully customized than not.

And to make sure no one is able to make a mess of the chatroom, the user must use Chatwing’s security functions. He can ban people out of the chat app and delete their messages with ease. Applying the word filter would make it even better as it can prevent the use of profanity. With these features, the chatroom is sure to be free of spammers, abusive people and other harassers.

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