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Where does your money go?

The question is where does your money go as a Canadian.
Just saw the answer from CB, or Canadian Business, Aug.13 issue.
The average Canadian household spends almost half its income on transportation, shelter and food. How does your spending compare?
If you use a personal financial software, it will be easy to track your spend by category. I normally use Quicken.

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Google Chart API

Google introduced it Chart API last December.
For reference, I noted here my tips.
I need a 3D Pie chart. The code should looks like below:

<img src=”,10,40&chs=500×200&chl=PR|HTTP Status|Whois”/>

The code can break down as shown here:
“cht=p3” is the chart type, in this case, a 3D pie chart.
“chd=t:50,10,40” are the chart values, text-encoded, and separated by a comma.
The number should be ranged from 0 to 100.
“chs=500×200” is the custom chart size, 500 by 200 pixels.
“chl=PR|HTTP Status|Whois” are the different labels for the pie chart sections, separated via the pipe character. Chinese is not supported by Chart API.
chart types include: line charts, bar charts, pie charts, Venn diagrams & scatterplots.

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