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Shall I enable SPDY on SSL?

I have some sites with SSL enabled only. These sites are money related or security related. So SSL is a must have.

Now the question came to my head and it is Do I need to add SPDY on it?

Let me review the basic information of SPDY.

SPDY is an experiment with protocols for the web.  Its goal is to reduce the latency of web pages.

Here is the official page of this project:

SPDY Goal:

The SPDY project defines and implements an application-layer protocol for the web which greatly reduces latency. The high-level goals for SPDY are:
  • To target a 50% reduction in page load time. Our preliminary results have come close to this target (see below).
  • To minimize deployment complexity. SPDY uses TCP as the underlying transport layer, so requires no changes to existing networking infrastructure.  
  • To avoid the need for any changes to content by website authors. The only changes required to support SPDY are in the client user agent and web server applications.
  • To bring together like-minded parties interested in exploring protocols as a way of solving the latency problem. We hope to develop this new protocol in partnership with the open-source community and industry specialists.

I like it. Reduce page load time.


SPDY adds a session layer atop of SSL that allows for multiple concurrent, interleaved streams over a single TCP connection.

The usual HTTP GET and POST message formats remain the same; however, SPDY specifies a new framing format for encoding and transmitting the data over the wire.


If I have https, or SSL enabled web-site, I just need to add SPDY on top of it. That is it.

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Logistical Software Solutions for Retail

When operating any retail enterprise, managers need to have tools for handling all of the logistical tasks of selling merchandise. Managing products requires the use of modern software programs that can easily display a wealth of important data in real time. Product management software is an example of a contemporary solution for the retail world.

People that run their own stores in physical locations and online need to have a way to keep track of all the products in real time. For example, product software can be used to view all of the items that have been sold in a specific time frame. Additionally, the program can display items that are ready to be shipped. Software is also used to track products based on unique SKU identifications. Detailed product information may also contain multiple images for visual analysis of commerce. Returned items can also be tracked down and eventually restocked through software applications. Product software programs also display detailed information about each item. For example, a manager can view the date of production, packaging type, ingredients, labels and other important data for all in stock merchandise.

Price management is also an important part of any retail operation. Managers can use advanced analytic tools to view the price history of any item that is listed for sale. Additionally, sales figures for all items can be viewed for specific time periods. By comparing the price charts with sales graphs, managers can make critical decisions in setting the market price of any item.

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Windows Applications come with Kubuntu 6.06

Like I mentioned in the Windows applications included in Ubuntu 6.06, the Kubuntu 6.06 CD also included six windows application. Two are same as what included in Ubuntu, firefox and thunderbird.
The different four applications shown as below:
KDE-PIM: Personal Information Manager from KDE
Kexi: Full featured database
Scribus: Advanced Desktop publishing
SpeedCrunch: A powerful calculator with scrollable display

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Windows applications included in Ubuntu 6.06

Some Windows versions of some of the programs included in Ubuntu.
Here are the list as below,
Mozilla Firefox: A secure and fast web browser
Mozilla Thunderbird: A full-featured email client – Reclaim your inbox!
Abiword: A lightweight word processor
Gaim: A multi-protocol instant messaging client
Gimp: An advanced image editing application
Gaim and Gimp require GTK+.

GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. Offering a complete set of widgets, GTK+ is suitable for projects ranging from small one-off projects to complete application suites.

They are all freewares in collaboration with the OpenCD project.
If you click the OpenCD project, you will find more programs can be run on Windows free.

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