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Fix some Crawl errors of my blog

I found some errors in Google Search Console —¬† Crawl Error. More than 400 errors of Not-Found. After checking the details of these errors, I am noticed that they are the dead links which were brought after I converted this blog from MovableType to WordPress. Some links are changed and I forgot to implement the

Nginx Redirect HTTP to HTTPS and non-WWW to WWW

Here is my solution to do the redirection. Say, I have a web site. I host it with SSL. I want all these three type of host go to the same Unique Internet Address. From: http://example.com/ http://www.example.com/ https://example.com/ To: https://www.example.com/ There are some requirement: Nginx v1.8 SSL Certificate is issued for both  example.com and www.example.com