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Windows 7 Update 2010-10

Microsoft release 2010 October Update for Windows 7. Security Essentials has a big update. Microsoft Security Essentials Version: 1.0.2498.0 Antimalware Client Version: 2.1.6805.0 Engine Version: 1.1.6201.0 Antivirus definitions: 1.91.1720.0 Antispyware definitions: 1.91.1720.0

Which one occupied Port 80

I enabled IIS 7 on one of my Windows 7 box. When I click start the default site, it always give me error. Said something wrong of the setting. Only when I change the binding port to other than 80, it works. So, I think port 80 is occupied by other program. Which one? I

Install Windows 7 on Netbook

Here is a general instruction about how to install Windows 7 on Netbook. 1. Prepare the USB disk with 4GB. The ISO is about 2.4G. So the 2GB usb flash drive is not big enough. 2.Have the Windows 7 ISO on hand. 3. Plug flash disk into your PC First type DISKPART and hit enter.