Just update this blog. This is the first post after updating. To make it work smoothly, I changed my IIS setting following by Http Header Error again in MovableType 3.31 Mt-Check also works. Current working directory and MT home directory are same now. The http header error has gone.Continue Reading

Awstats, or Advanced Web Statistics, has the latest stable version, 6.5 (build 1.857). Current version running on my statas site is 6.4 (build 1.814). It is about one year to wait the new version. Ok, let’s show you how to upgrade from 6.4 to 6.5. It is very simply andContinue Reading

During past month, my wife always use my workstation to play the game, “tetris”, in the ourgames.com. This is a huge online game community. You can choose a person from over 500+ in one game any time. Now it is 10:30am Pacific time, there are over 150,000 gamers online. ThisContinue Reading

Just upgrade my Movabletype to 3.14, which released on Dec. 20, 2004. I think this is the last version in 2004. Like a Christmas Gift. I downloaded the upgrade file and uploaded to website. That’s all. Movable Type Upgrading InstructionsContinue Reading