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MovableType has 3.32

SixApart updated MovableType to 3.32 on August 28, 2006. David Yin’s Blog is just upgraded to 3.31 two weeks ago. Do I need to update it? Let’s review the new features or bug fixes. Five features: 32509: Activity Log Filter Missing ‘Search’ option 32695: MTIfCategory ‘type’ attribute should accept ‘secondary’ as a value 32732: New

Windows Update in July 2006

In the second week of the every month, Microsoft will release the Update for Windows. Sometimes comes with office update. If you use the Windows Update link in the IE, you may not get all the updates, but part of them. The updates not included in the WGA will be download and installed in your

Windows Update in June 2006

There are nine updates on Windows 2000 pro from Microsoft. They are all security updates. Very important. My question is sometime the disk usage of all Windows updates may bigger than the native Windows installation. There are total 12 updates for Windows family. MS06-011 – is a re-release, addresses a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows XP

Windows Update in April 2006

When I turn on my computer this morning, the Windows gave me the following notice to install his April 2006 updates. These updates are very important. The holes will be used to control your computer from remotely by hackers. All users of Windows have to update their Windows for safe. Bulletin Identifier Microsoft Security Bulletin