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Mozilla Firefox update

If you use Firefox, it is time to update to
It is released on May 30, 2007. Your Firefox may auto update itself or not.
Click Help > Check for Updates to get the update.
This update will fix following security issues.
XUL Popup Spoofing
XSS using addEventListener
Path Abuse in Cookies
Persistent Autocomplete Denial of Service
Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
And provide better Windows Vista support.
And also provide two more language Afrikaans (af) and Belarusian (be).
Just for the security issues, it is worth to update your Firefox.

Spam Filtering update in MT

SixApart announce an update of the default plugin Spamlookup
It is a manual update. The steps as below:
1. Login to Movable Type. (Your account will need to have System Administrator privileges.)
2. Click on the “Plugins” link in the main navigation on the left hand side.
3. Look for the “SpamLookup – Lookups” plugin set listed among your other plugins.
4. Click “Show Settings.”
5. Under “IP Blacklist Services” highlight and replace the text “” with “”.
6. Click “Save Settings.”
After update, the commenting speed will be improved. You can try to leave your comment to test it.
Of course, the known spams will be blocked automatically.

Install Awstats on Ubuntu 6.10 server

I have Awstats on Windows box. I also have some posts about how to install it and config it.
Now I am a Ubuntu fans. I will show you how to install Awstats on Ubuntu server 6.10.
1) Under command line mode, or putty.
2) apt-get install awstats
This command is install Awstats. Currently it is v6.5.
3) Edit configuration file, it is located /etc/awstats/
cp awstats.conf awstats.yourhostname.conf
Change something to reflect your own settings.


4) Make a directory called /var/cache and chmod it 777 so it can be used from the web server

mkdir /var/cache
chmod 777 /var/cache

5) Copy icons to web directory:

cp -r /usr/share/awstats/icon /var/www/icon

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Creative Commons licenses is 3.0 now

New CC license has four parts:
The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work beyond the freedoms given by fair use.


Licensor permits others to make derivative works beyond the freedoms given by fair use.
The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work. In return, licensees may not use the work for commercial purposes without permission beyond the freedoms given by fair use.


The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work. In return, licensees may not use the work for commercial purposes without permission beyond the freedoms given by fair use.
The new thing is Remix, which is allow others to derivative works. When in CC 2.5, ShareAlike is ask others not change works. But in CC3.0 it is just ask keep the same CC license when modify the works.
CC Labs

AWStats 6.6 is comming

AWStats is a very powerful log analysis tool.
I still remember last update for AWStats 6.5 half year ago.
First of all, let’s see the changes it bring in.
New features/improvements:
– All geoip plugins support the PurePerl version.
– Possible use of vhost in extra section.
– Support IPv6 in AllowAccessFromWebToFollowingIPAddresses parameter.
– Added svn family to browsers detection.
– Remove some Perl warnings.
– Remove lc() on translation strings.
– Not sanitized migrate parameter.
– Not sanitized urlxxx parameters that could be used for XSS attacks.
– Added AWStats version in stdout outputs.
– Updated some language files.
– Updated browsers database.
Compare with the last version 6.5, there is not many changes this time.
I will update my AWstats to-night.

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SR1520NX video error after Windows Update December

Microsoft release its December update as it does every month.
My wife’s computer is Compaq Presario SR1520NX. I update it as usual. This time it has one hardware drive update for video driver.
The chipset of this PC is SIS 760.
After update all critical and hardware updates, I reboot the computer.
The screen resolution become 640X480 with 4bit color.
What happen? I tried a lot of different way to change the resolution and color depth. I still kept the same low resolution and 4 bit colors.
It is crazy.
I search the Compaq’s website. Go to the drivers part. Only original graphics drivers provided on site.

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Windows Update in November 2006

Microsoft release its November update yesterday.
For Windows 2000 professional, five updates.
MS06-067: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer
MS06-068: Vulnerability in Microsoft Agent could allow remote code execution
MS06-066: Vulnerability in the Client Service could allow remote code execution
MS06-070: Vulnerability in Workstation Service could allow remote code execution
Malicious Software Removal Tool

This is my workstation in office. I update it immediately.

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Google Earth has a new Beta 4.0.2080

Google Earth is a so interesting free tool I used so ofter. So I check if it has a update regularly.
It is a celebration for first anniversary of Google Earth. It is Beta 4
I downloaded Google Earth 4 beta in July. It is 4.00.1693.
I knew Google has new beta with some new features from someone’s blogs. I want to check the update in the Google Earth. It popped up a windows say, “There are no updates available at this time.” I can not update it throught the update facility included.
Now I went to Google Earth website, and download the New Beta 4 and installed it in my computer.
I checked the About information. It shows me 4.0.2080.

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