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Spam Filtering update in MT

SixApart announce an update of the default plugin Spamlookup It is a manual update. The steps as below: 1. Login to Movable Type. (Your account will need to have System Administrator privileges.) 2. Click on the “Plugins” link in the main navigation on the left hand side. 3. Look for the “SpamLookup – Lookups” plugin

Install Awstats on Ubuntu 6.10 server

I have Awstats on Windows box. I also have some posts about how to install it and config it. Now I am a Ubuntu fans. I will show you how to install Awstats on Ubuntu server 6.10. 1) Under command line mode, or putty. 2) apt-get install awstats This command is install Awstats. Currently it

Creative Commons licenses is 3.0 now

New CC license has four parts: Share: The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work beyond the freedoms given by fair use. Remix: Licensor permits others to make derivative works beyond the freedoms given by fair use. NonCommercial: The licensor permits others to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work. In

AWStats 6.6 is comming

AWStats is a very powerful log analysis tool. I still remember last update for AWStats 6.5 half year ago. First of all, let’s see the changes it bring in. New features/improvements: – All geoip plugins support the PurePerl version. – Possible use of vhost in extra section. – Support IPv6 in AllowAccessFromWebToFollowingIPAddresses parameter. – Added

Windows Update in November 2006

Microsoft release its November update yesterday. For Windows 2000 professional, five updates. MS06-067: Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer MS06-068: Vulnerability in Microsoft Agent could allow remote code execution MS06-066: Vulnerability in the Client Service could allow remote code execution MS06-070: Vulnerability in Workstation Service could allow remote code execution Malicious Software Removal Tool This

Google Earth update again

On Sep, 14, I just downloaded and installed Google Earth 4.0.2080 beta. It has new version yesterday. This time it is Google Earth 4.0.2091 now. If you already have Google Earth 4.0.2080, you will not get update information by check update in the program. You have to go to http://earth.google.com/index.html to download the full version

Google Earth has a new Beta 4.0.2080

Google Earth is a so interesting free tool I used so ofter. So I check if it has a update regularly. It is a celebration for first anniversary of Google Earth. It is Beta 4 I downloaded Google Earth 4 beta in July. It is 4.00.1693. I knew Google has new beta with some new

Windows Update in September 2006

Windows monthly updates come again. This month four updates are issued to Windows OS family. Three issues work for Windows Server 2003. MS06-040: Vulnerability in Server service could allow remote code execution Error message when you try to update a Microsoft Windows-based computer: “0x80070002” MS06-053: Vulnerability in Indexing Service could allow cross-site scripting The other