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Install Awstats on Ubuntu 6.10 server

I have Awstats on Windows box. I also have some posts about how to install it and config it. Now I am a Ubuntu fans. I will show you how to install Awstats on Ubuntu server 6.10. 1) Under command line mode, or putty. 2) apt-get install awstats This command is install Awstats. Currently it

Setup a New Ubuntu 6.10 Server

Last week, I installed Ubuntu 6.10 server version Linux on an old computer. You can see some information below from phpSysInfo. Let me record my installation history. 1) Download Ubuntu 6.10 server image file, and burn it on CD. 2) Boot the computer from this boot-able CD, while promoted, I choose LAMP, and use all

Try Ubuntu as Server

It is my dream. I can have a Linux box within all free software. I installed a Ubuntu on one old computer Thursday. The plan is to let this server has following functions: OS: Linux (Ubuntu) Web Server: Apache 2.0 Mail Server: Postfix (easier to configure than sendmail; has a shorter history of security holes

Ubuntu 6.10 is released (Edgy Eft)

Now it’s time to upgrade your Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10. There is no free shipit for 6.10. And it is not a Long Term Support (LTS). You can download it here. Let’s see some new features implemented in Ubuntu 6.10. 1) New Startup Screen. It will looks much clear in different resolutions. 2) GNOME 2.16

Vista vs. Ubuntu

In Eweek issue on Aug., 7, 2006, there is a article “Blog Talk: Vista VS. Ubuntu”. There are 20 people said in different point of view. Even I still use the Windows XP as my main operation system, the Ubuntu is my next choice. Don said he want photoshop and all his windows software can

Edubuntu 6.06 received

When I am back home to check the mail box, I got the package of Edubuntu 6.06. Actually I already installed the edubuntu 5.10 and upgraded to 6.06. My daughter, Grace, likes to play some games included. The game can teach her the math, color, clock, and more. The CD I received is 5 CD

Order Ubuntu 6.06 by ShipIt

Ubuntu is a good Linux distribution. It can be download freely, and it can be mail to your home by ShipIt free of charge. Last time, I ordered Ubuntu 5.10. It took about 52 days to my home. This time they provide up to 10 CDs. I think they know the 64bit machine is not

Ubuntu Free CD

Ubuntu is sponsored by Canonical Ltd. They provide free cds including live version and install version, each one has PC, 64-bit PC, and Mac distributions. Not only free CDs, but also Free shipping and handling. Just go to the ShipIt site and send your request online. The CDs will be mailed to you. I send