The Acronis True Image Server for Windows 9.1 provides valuable bare-metal restore functions for enterprises or home users on Windows Server from NT4.0. Based on the eWeek issue on June 5, 2006, It is fairly easy to use and provided a wide variety of file and system recovery options. ForContinue Reading

Symantec LiveState™ Recovery Advanced Server Rapid and Reliable System and Data Recovery for Organizations of Every Size Key Features: Recover bare-metal systems in minutes Create real-time ‘while you work’ backups (snapshots) Automatically adjust backup routines to occur prior to a new application installation, user logon/logout or storage upgrade Remotely restoreContinue Reading

I saw a lot of spamers use my email server to send their Junk mails. To stop it. I have to set up my IMail server to No Mail Relay. Previously I wrote Stop third party email relay Now, I stop the third party mail relay totally. No Mail RelayContinue Reading

I used my old 60GB harddisk, which replaced by previously mentioned 160GB new disk, to made a RAID1 array with another 40GB harddisk. Actual capacity I can use is 40GB. 20GB is wasted. Following is the technical explaination of RAID Level 1 Common Name(s): RAID 1; RAID 1 with Duplexing.Continue Reading