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MovableType 4.01a Released

Sixapart released Movable Type 4.01a today. It is a Security Update. No matter MT 3.2, MT 3.3x or MT4.01, upgrade is required. For MT4.01, just download the gz package and decompress it. Overwrite the MovableType 4.01 installation is OK. No database upgrade this time. It said, “Security Release. The potential vulnerability has not yet been

WordPress 2.2.1 is out

It is a bug fix release for the 2.2 series. Just released this morning. There is a long list of bugs fixed. Some highlights are shown below: # Atom feed validation fixes # XML-RPC fixes # Widget backward compatibility fixes # Widget layout fixes for IE7 # Page and Text Widget improvements And WordPress 2.2.1

Mozilla Firefox update

If you use Firefox, it is time to update to It is released on May 30, 2007. Your Firefox may auto update itself or not. Click Help > Check for Updates to get the update. This update will fix following security issues. XUL Popup Spoofing XSS using addEventListener Path Abuse in Cookies Persistent Autocomplete

How To Set Up A Secure Home Network

I learn something about how to setup a secure home network. I also want share this one to the others. 1) There are some question you have to ask yourself first. It will help you to identify your network needs.. a. How many wired Ethernet ports, if any, will you need? b.Where will these Ethernet

SPF record for your Email server

If you have your own email server like me, you may need to know something about SPF record. From the SPF website, I got the following description: SPF fights return-path address forgery and makes it easier to identify spoofs. Domain owners identify sending mail servers in DNS. SMTP receivers verify the envelope sender address against

How to prepare your business travel

When you prepare your business travel, you may need your laptop. There are some tips for you. If you travel without your Laptops: Set up guest PCs in your branch offices for on-the-go employee. Transport data on thumb-drive storage devices. Make enterprie apps accessible by Web browser. Use SSL VPN connections for temporary PCs to

Keep IT Safe

Some simple steps can help you and your company avoid being the patsy in an online scam. 1 Never run a program unless you trust the source of the program. 2 Secure your computer with antivirus, antispyware, and a personal firewall. Such software can warn you if a program appears to be doing something suspicious.

Do we need wireless

So many wireless equipments are around us, cellphones, WiFi/AirPort computer networking, Bluetooth keyboards and mice. I know basicly the vendors have tested the EMF (electric and magnetic fields) exposure before their products go into the store. They always say it doesn’t pose a health risk. I trust the test is followed the rule and the

Twelve Ways to protect yourself from Identity Theft

I read the Twelve Ways to protect yourself from Identity Theft on “Digital Home”. It shows about 25% Canadian have either themselves personally (4%), or know someone who has (20%), been subject to identity theft. What is Identity Theft? The federal office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada defines identity theft as the unauthorized collection