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MovableType 4.01a Released

Sixapart released Movable Type 4.01a today. It is a Security Update.
No matter MT 3.2, MT 3.3x or MT4.01, upgrade is required.
For MT4.01, just download the gz package and decompress it. Overwrite the MovableType 4.01 installation is OK.
No database upgrade this time.
It said, “Security Release. The potential vulnerability has not yet been exploited in the wild.This is a mandatory update for all users of Movable Type.”
So I did it as it said.
I used five steps to upgrade it.
1) Fully Backup
Backup database through PhpMySQL, Tar and compress all files into one file, and export all entries by build-in function.
2) Get package
SSH to Server, wget the file.
3) Decompress package
tar xvzf MT-4.01a-eb.tar.gz
4) Copy and overwrite the installation
5) Login the system and click upgrade if asked.
The SSH is provided by Dreamhost.

jQuery 1.22 Released

jQuery announced the 1.22 release. It is a bug fix version. Over 120 bug fixes and the the changes make the speed improved.
The package is very small.
* jQuery Minified (15kb with Gzipping)
* jQuery Packed (28kb)
* jQuery Regular (93kb)
You can download it from the official site.
The big news is Google use the jQuery in their Google Code site.
Now, Happy Birthday to jQuery.

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