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How to Upgrade MT3.3x to MT4.0

The record of upgrading from MovableType 3.34 to MovableType 4.0 shown as below: 1. Backup all related files first. 1.1. Backup all blog static files of my blogs, such as /v4/blog/ 1.2. Backup the old MT program files, /mtcgi/ 1.3. Backup database in MySQL Administrator. 1.4. Backup all entries from MT by Export. 2. Download

How To Set Up A Secure Home Network

I learn something about how to setup a secure home network. I also want share this one to the others. 1) There are some question you have to ask yourself first. It will help you to identify your network needs.. a. How many wired Ethernet ports, if any, will you need? b.Where will these Ethernet

Philips Universal Remote Contrl Menu

I have a post about Philips Universal Remote Contrl with a detailed instruction of code search. But still some people ask for the menu. Ok, I have agreed to scan it and post it here. It is a PDF file. You can download it here. philips remote menu It includes almost all brands in the

How to prepare your business travel

When you prepare your business travel, you may need your laptop. There are some tips for you. If you travel without your Laptops: Set up guest PCs in your branch offices for on-the-go employee. Transport data on thumb-drive storage devices. Make enterprie apps accessible by Web browser. Use SSL VPN connections for temporary PCs to

Make a bootable USB disk

I have three USB disks. Yesterday, I thought I can make a bootable USB disk and finally I chose the PNY attache 1 GB. The problem is I don’t know how to make a bootable USB disk. I searched the PNY site, found nothing. I did a lot of research. One site is bootdisk.com. The

How to add Tag Cloud

One of the new features of MovableType 3.31 is Tag. I still use the old template files. I don’t know if the new template includes it or not. The tag is good facility to organize post by tag word. You can also know which tag word is mentioned most often. Let me DIY my templates.

How to see the detailed error of ASP

When I test a ASP page today, I got a 500 error. No detailed information displayed can help me. Now if you meet the same thing, check following: Normally error 500 is program error, or asp language error. You can change your IE settings to show you detail. 1)Click IE tool bar, Tools > Internet