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Google.cn Vs Google.com

I search the phrases with double quotes. The results shown below. The test is happen at 10:40 AM PST, Feb., 10, 2006. Search “Great Firewall” Google.cn returns 106,000 hits (0.42 seconds ) Google.com returns 498,000 hits (0.23 seconds) Search “falun gong” Google.cn returns 11,700 hits. Google.com returns 2,270,000 hits. Search “intel inside” Google.cn returns 975,000

Bird’s eye view

Look at the bird’s view below which provided by Windows Live Local. When I first try this site, I think it is similar to the Google Map or Google Earth product. They all provide the maps and aerial images. Today I found the Windows Live Local can give us much real image of the building

Pagerank stop working

After I installed the new version Google Toolbar 3.0.123, abut 2 hours later, I found that Page Rank information are always unavailable. Even the site: www.google.com In the begining I thought it happened because of the new version’s problem. I downgrade to Version 2.0. Still unavilable. I checked the help of Google Toolbar. It said: