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Some changes on my Sites

Do you feel some changes here? I removed the Google Ads from my sites, including SEO. I am a temp of Google, for some Ads related project from this week. To prevent from interest conflict, I made some changes here and there, which is requested by Google.

Post from Google Docs & Spreadsheets

I want to try the post from Google Docs & Spreadsheets. The MovableType API is http://YOURBLOG/PATH/TO/mt-xmlrpc.cgi I use MovableType. Google said MovableType supports more features than Blogger. Good. Don’t forget setup your Web Services Password in your Author setting in the MovableType. Now Google is only support one blog setting. What about if I have

Try Google Docs & Spreadsheets

I noticed Google Docs & Spreadsheets the day before yesterday. Now the news is comming to say, Better together: Docs & Spreadsheets I think it is worth to try. Here is its own official Blog. Google had Spreadsheets before. Google has Docs & Spreadsheets now. Google will have Offic in future.

Google Earth release updated photos

Recently, Google updated it Google Earth’s photos in a lot of country or area. This update included the photos of Shanghai, China. I have a screenshot of my home in Shanghai last year. Compared with the screenshot below I just took, it is much more clear than before. And, some construction site is almost finished

Find Google-eBook Download Center

I read Google Blogoscoped, and continued to go to Google-eBook Download Center. That’s Internet sharing. That’s real Internet spirit. Let me see what’s so good there. O’Reilly Google Hacks Google For Dummies Building Your Business With Google For Dummies O’Reilly Google Advertising Tools – Cashing In With Adsense Adwords & Google APIs 55 Ways to

Google Earth update again

On Sep, 14, I just downloaded and installed Google Earth 4.0.2080 beta. It has new version yesterday. This time it is Google Earth 4.0.2091 now. If you already have Google Earth 4.0.2080, you will not get update information by check update in the program. You have to go to http://earth.google.com/index.html to download the full version

Google Earth has a new Beta 4.0.2080

Google Earth is a so interesting free tool I used so ofter. So I check if it has a update regularly. It is a celebration for first anniversary of Google Earth. It is Beta 4 I downloaded Google Earth 4 beta in July. It is 4.00.1693. I knew Google has new beta with some new

Google’s Big Daddy data centre

As we know, Google has a new data center call Big Daddy. The only information we have is that it is in the Dulles, Ore.. I searched the web. Nothing found. Oh, I got it. New York Times has an article about Google’s new site, although it wrongly defines as “Googleplex”. This data center will

Google Finance

This morning I saw this news of the launch of Google Finance. It looks like a stock chart on top of the Google news. I don’t think it is enough to attract reader to this site or service. Every finance service provider has stock chart, even can make transaction online. Why they need the Google