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Error regarding collating sequence for Access

I have a site driven by Access database. Today I compacted this database and browse the web page which will access this database. I got the error message, “Selected collating sequence not supported by the operating system.” It looks so strange, I do nothing except compacting. The real reason is because this database file is

Exchange rate error of Google Adsense

The latest payment, in April, was made on time, but the exchange rate is incorrect. Their support is good. The response is so quick that I received reply in the same day in which I asked the question. The exchange rate should be about 1 USD to 1.12 Canadian dollar. Google paid the commission by

Sixapart’s site error

There is a bug in the Sixapart’s site, under plugin part. I sent a notice to them two days ago. When I checked it now, the bug is still there. What’s wrong with their site? Going to the Plugins Directory of Sixapart. The form Plugin Search is used to search plugin you need. If you