When I rebuild the Pentacle In-Out Board, I begin to have an opinion that the software should be free to access, download, share, and use. I learn the PHP as a website script language. The purpose to change from ASP to PHP, is because that I want to change theContinue Reading

Formats a string using URL encoding. This is a static method. Syntax urlEncode( text ) text The input string to be formatted. Usage This method will format a string using URL encoding. The formatted string is returned from this method and the original string is not modified. This method isContinue Reading

Upgrade Scode 0.1.5 to Scode0.1c Details as below: Download Scode from it site or My local copy here:Download file Almost same as my Security Code Plug-in installed successfully Only a little difference. In step 2, 6) Open lib/MT/Template/Context.pm Change the code following Scode’s readme file. Rebuild whole site. Done. (updatedContinue Reading