When a person lived in Canada for four or five years, understanding is totally different. He has a viewpoint and wants to express it in his native language to the visitor from his native country. The result is a misunderstanding. The focus, target of meaning, is not being realized. TheContinue Reading

Why China and the U.S. aren’t on the same page. This article is excerpted from Business Week April 24, 2006. I digest this one doesn’t mean I agree to his viewpoint or some sample. The point of differenc between the leaders of these two nations are very huge. China’s leadersContinue Reading

From the Sohu News, Hu Jintao will arrive at Seattle about 6AM. In the first day, he will visit Microsoft head office. The welcome dinner will be arranged at Bill Gates House. This is Bill Gates’ House. The more information can be accessed from Bill Gates House, Inside Pictures ofContinue Reading