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New changes of David Yin’s Blog

I changed my blog’s category name from Chinese to English. Divided one category to Software and Hardware.
The next step of change is to make the blog to two parts or two blogs, one for Chinese, one for English. I want keep the readers of my blog clear, not confuse them by other language.

These two blogs will be updated very often as before.
Updated: The new Chinese blog is located at FreeThinking

Quality and Quantity

I write my blog over one year and five months.
The quantity is my concern when I start my blog, but now, the quality is the most concern.
Until today, there are four hundred and thirty posts here.
To post many more high quality articles is very important for Blog and Bloger.
High quality post will attract more readers here. If they are attracted here by some search phrase, they will find more interesting items here.
I need time to thinking and reading.
So, the speed of update of this blog will be lower than before. Maybe higher, it depends on how much time I have to do this job.
As a full-time underwriter assistant, part-time web developer, and a webmaster of the site G2soft.Net, and most import position in my mind is a father of two cute girls. I still have to find the time to blogging.

Put music file into your Blog

I wrote a entry before regarding How to put music on a webpage.
There are still some guys who can not follow it.
Let me show your HOWTO step by step with illustration.
0) The file size of most of the music files is more than 1 Mb. The default upload limit of MovableType is 1MB.
To change the default setting, open the mt-config.cgi under the MovableType root folder.
Find: #CGIMaxUpload 500000
Remove the #
Change the figure to whatever you want, say 5000000 as 5MB.
Save it.
1) Prepare your music file.
First of all, you should have your own music file legally. Say it is a mp3 file like abc.mp3 in the local folder of your computer.

2) Log in to your MovableType and create an new entry.

3) Upload abc.mp3.
follow the points 1, 2, 3.

Enter the folder to store the fils.

4) Let it show you the HTML code.

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Bloglet – Good Blog Subscription Provider

Applied for bloglet service.
Anyone can enter his email to it to get the updated post everyday.
It is free and you can unsubscribe any time.
Bloglet is a free service that sends readers a daily email with all of the updates to the sites to which they subscribe. If there have been no updates, an email is not sent. To use Bloglet for your weblog, go to the Bloglet website and sign up for a new account and follow the instructions to add a weblog. Click on the question mark symbols next to the form entry fields for clarification on how to fill them in. A couple are a little bit tricky. On your main Bloglet account page find the list of your weblogs. Click on the code icon to the right of the pencil and trash can icons to get the code to use to place on your weblog. Copy and paste the code where you want the form to appear on your index and archive templates.

Update: 2014.02.07
It is not a service site anymore. Simply another blog only.

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